In Japan, you are constantly surprised by shades of red: in a crowd of dark suits on the rush hour Yamanote line train in Tokyo, the unexpectedness of shocking scarlet nail polish on a demure school girl; in the countryside near Kyoto, glimpses of vermilion gates through the bamboo forest around the Fushimi Inari Shrine; in a the dark water of a pond in a formal Roppongi Hills garden, the flash of tangerine koi below coral pink lotus blossoms.

Inari is a simple just-below-knee length skirt made of a lush wool/linen blend. Made in the colour of wet bamboo, it has a drawstring waist with side ties and surprising red side inserts. The front and back sections are started flat, joined to work in the round until the last three rows, then divided and worked flat again to form the drawstring casing.

The skirt has a drawstring waist and sits just above the hip. The published waist measurements might seem large, but the measurements are taken at the actual waistline of the skirt–use the hip measurements to decide which size you should make for yourself.

Available in knitscene Fall 2008, from Interweave Press

Also available from the Interweave Knits Pattern Store

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